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Dear booking agent

I have a good success rate getting myself booked IF I GET IN to see the person; from the lowest to the highest, from a Steinway recital hall for my concert/clinic, to a jazz club, to a retirement 55+ community theater, to a top of the line country club that pays $3500.

Then it's all logistics, but I want to be concentrating more on my next show / the development of.

My goal with a booking agent is to have help with door opening introductions, for to me to go in and make the pitch.

My pitch employs the videos on this web site, but also involves my personal connection to react to what is needed for that person / venue at the time, and simply for that personal connection, and I usually get to play in person too. Basically no-one can do the job of getting the gig like me, but the gated venues are harder to get things going with.


I would love an agent to identify the best gigs and get me an appointment with:


• jazz clubs

• piano shops

• top country clubs USA

• retirement communities 

     FLORIDA: Boca, Sarasota, Tampa

looking forward to your call

Thank you


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