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Below a lot of info. But it’s a launch.

Hopefully it will all settle into some kind of understood work flow. 

in the end I'd love if Hannah and Eli would lease when it comes to as much as they can handle of the stages of a booking

quik scan down whole page to see length - 

The best thing is support for these 2 campaigns – that’s really what would make it work.

Selling the show into community venues

Really the best thing is to pay Hannah for more hours on all the work for the two campaigns and invoicing, all the catch up etc – the more Hannah can be full time the better.

While we are doing these 2 campaigns: social media and introductions, Eli you should be focusing on getting media attention on this point, as we sell into community based places

The story can include that we basically are forming a company to do it  - to sell into this list of places – that will help us get bookings in them as we call around

We are basically selling the ide of giving their subscribers a show night when I’m in town.

We are first fielding across the usa to the list to see where we can get the most interest to book a round

Hello again Hannah & Eli...

I salute you both, let me start with a thank you, that will be said when we get the grammy!

The greatest thing you have both given me is a little bit of that needed extra confidence to make myself feel better about being committed to my love of performing / resulting in making me less fluctuated.

I hope IyH' to do us all proud - I thank you from my heart for the first time for having a little bit of a team, it feels that way, tres exciting.

The whole point of all of the below may be a bit repetitive - did my best to cut out, apologies for where still so. It's all to set you up as the people who, in one way or another, are selling me. It is not something I can do myself for the most obvious reason that it is literally impossible for any artist to "sell" himself, it's just crass and ugly.

All said, bottom line, when you get through to anybody, this is the message I believe is the one that is required more than singing my "blush blush obvious praises":


"check this out, look at these videos, this guys gets through to people, your kind of people;

the people you want to be in a good mood so that they gamble, the people that you want to be in a good mood because of whatever your organization is, that you want to give something back to them."

But "your kind of people, this guy gets through to them" 

thats THE message, thats all you have to sell to push to get them to watch the stuff.

And you can tailor some of the followup standard email content as you feel they would prefer.

I AM PRETTY SURE ALSO, that your natural personal way of getting this message across will be fine. The key is to sell it on the premise of "what they get out of it" that bit more than "what it is"

Please 1st gain a full extent understanding of what is prepared by seeing all the pages


- no need to watch any of the videos

The please get your head around the below to understand where my thinking is at.

to get us going I have designed the twin Hannah/me campaigns (links to them below)

An obvious goal is to get web site traffic - a social media / tek thing I do not know how to go about doing

F: please see:

the standard email

the fielding campaign

the social media campaign

Their is a lot of random thinking below, please please forgive the rambling

basically Hanna the DUTIES will be:

fielding calls

sending follow up email after having spoken to someone

passing on to me or Eli

social media posting and replies to comments

After the upcoming run in Baltimore, Washington and Virginia (hopefully getting to the last of this kind of run - still have more booked but plzzzzzzzz G-d we get me into a better paying realm), the albums will be on iTunes and Hannah and I will make a start on the two campaigns. Also I have to search out best places to place the act more.

Fielding out the best options for it.

But these campaigns runing in tandem will be a great help.

I need to go out and about and sell my show / my job is to find the best home(s) for it in places we think would be most likely... ideally with them promoting it with budget, using all the hard prep work now done. All the while Hannah managing a social media release campaign, and servicing follow up's. And also making a start on a fielding campaign. 

Hopefully we can pull off both a tour run and a good residency.

.... dare I suggest off off off off Broadway

Sinatra is synonymous with gambling,

eg Atlantic City, and Vagas.

It's important that it's not just a Sinatra act, it's got that original angle to it, and it's now all represented; iTunes, Youtube, the web site etc... a company can sell the show pretty easily to their customers / patrons.

Then their is trying to sell it to a place that just sells tickets - impresarios - no idea - needs to be understood.

Or who sells a show to those places - but I also think I should do it myself, no-one can sell it like I can, I know it inside out. I think a few focused months traveling around with my wares should be my priority.

The key is what has been done, and what is ongoing with Hannah is what will maintain "the sell" to patrons of whatever place takes the show.


As I released some vids by accident to be "not private" a Dylan and a Sinatra video and immediately got comments on YouTube (below). It is important that all comments on all platforms get a personal reply. I enjoy being responsive to a live audience but have not really got the time. How they found me I have no idea - I should ask them - hopefully we will find out how to make things visible, hashtags etc

I really want to hand social media to Hannah it's too time consuming and distracting with what I have on my plate. And you need to press the "thumbs up" button and the "heart" on their comment as well.... BUT THIS is where followings are built these days - and it has to be given attention.

So, Hannah, have some fun with it if you can. (I'll do the YouTube ones for now)

And of course getting around some agents out there to see if they can place the act well. It's just that so many agents are for cocktail/ party event / corporate music things.

Hard Rock Atlantic City Id like to find the agent for.

The casinos put on shows to uplift spirits to keep people gambling, to get them in the mood at the early part of the evening, they should at least get something of some value in the process.

And country clubs host live events. Novelty act for Cruise ships (same audience as casinos and assisted living homes)

The responses and management of the material social release is of the utmost importance – and this is what I will get bogged down in and distracted in I MUST NOT BE ALLOWED OT MANAGE THIS.

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 8.05.25 PM.png


As well as paving the way to the originals, I’ve developed a skill (crooning). That in its self should be good for something.

And we will try and identify targets but it may end up a case of “creating an audience” (not market*) instead of trying to "find one" (some acts “buy onto” as an opener to another act).


The “he’s the best at this – come and see it” thing (taking it that you have the requisite demo content and an operation to back it up...the promise and the delivery,....) still takes marketing know how.

We will see what happens over the next few months as we try to identify and field directly to a variety of potential venue opportunities (see call follow up: "standard introduction" email).

All until someone with better marketing chops comes along – because that’s what is needed.

We have batches of material and platforms ready to employ / exploit – but it’s the mechanism, the management and the logistics of that delivery – (not the logistics of the performance rounds etc – that’s covered BH'!)


Re the Sinatra (crooning) thing – it’s nice that I found something I am indeed brilliant at – but if there is no way to make money from it what is my choice? I see I sacrificed a lot to be able to “practice my art” thus far.

Were it that alone, the choice would be easy, but I see how it paves the way to the greater thing, of a very deeply felt reaction to my originals.


Beyonce “people don’t make albums any more”

It’s more true to say “fewer” people put out albums - personal albums – but some still do – and they do well

eg Billy Eilish and Sia, Adell, Melody Gardot - the real emes is there are few bit these three indeed were popular, by these women.

It’s a woman's world (so many examples of this) – so the macho Sinatra thing against the sensitive artist poet is a great thing I think; “Sinatra and originals” is the billing, with;

songs that mean something

and on close examination the best albums are some positive outcome of some tragedy "lemonade from lemons"

*finding a market and finding an audience are two different things

The market exists, BH' people very much enjoy my work, and a drive to expose my originals to be consume and enjoyed is the goal, so people IyH' want to come out to a live performance.

One day it would be geshmak if we could have a “big band” doing the Sinatra arrangements (with some production twist), and the same band intertwined with the piano/vocal originals.

But for now our job is to market as best we can, and directly approach, to gather interest across America.

To see where there’s most interest, and do the concerts, now. 

Fielding for bookings across the usa, hard at it. And at the same time doing as best we know how to disseminate the videos.

And I will create a tour to do the lot - I'm happy to do it - but wherever we can get at least a decent wage. 


With all we have in place I can be sold for more one would hope...."as the best guy here on the east coast", to the places that have never had me - so perhaps even still the senior living venue types are still worth a try. They’ve just got to have a piano. 

Im going to IyH’ have a caravan, so I’ve got a place to stay. I’ll discuss staying in their carparks when i get there, or I'll find a spot.


Slip in there to the sell a little bit on the accidental funny side of things. 

The goal is to identify the better paying situations that fit the rider - but we don’t yet know what they are, but the marketing drive is going to help - but where are they? I have listed as many as I can perceive listed in the "follow up new customer email"

To implement these two step by step campaigns is the only way I can see it; I have designed systems to communicate to new customers and expose the product in general.

To my mind this is the direction an established wise company would take anyway with such a product, but they would be able to better promote a few originals as advertising, and with better venue access, better service logistics for small tours - but I am good at that.

Thanks to Eli I could take the time to get so highly geared to deliver and travel, performance and forward movement with all relevant materials ready to exploit, and systems in place to maintain fast rending of new material hopefully IyH' in new venues.


A company would sell tickets in; libraries, Jazz clubs, halls, recital rooms, small theatre spaces, private homes, various community based organizations that "come with a crowd" (that the community would also use the marketing materials we provide to their subscribers).

I see Mike Delguice doing this with a Billy Joel tribute band in the Rockaway hotel. So perhaps hotels are targets.

We have a lot to offer a marketing person with more some social media savvy



We offer, a well oiled:

Show format highly geared, and my set is constantly improving in how I run a show, and my rig is tickety boo.

Live rig and rolling production systems

Platforms pollinated: Web site, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes / Spotify original albums, and Amazon book

Travel systems


We have:

Original material - for sale

Original book - on Amazon with reviews, and other platforms

An act - for sale

The extra usp, of a strong Sinatra suit “SINATRA AND ORIGINALS” 

A fielding campaign

We are always ready to work alongside some greater reach partner. One that our operations and systems are ready to serve on every level.

An online geo-target marketing campaign pro to exploit a range of prepared materials. To get the odd news story would help too.

When we find people who have more connections and experience to take this forwards better than we can, in ways we want – which is always a “ground up” process – just with a little support to do it properly.

Until we are partnered with a music agency / company, we would partner with a general marketing company to take advantage of the materials, ones familiar with targeted exposure campaigns.

As well as the all important job of directing appropriate traffic to the web site. 

It is not an end in it's self to be promoted on the internet, the success of any clips and original material is to help push the traveling show, which can IyH' bring word of mouth.

If things IyH' "catch" we need to be able to quickly capitalize on that to translate it into bums on seats.

Preferably we strike a deal for marketing know-how with for a return from sales.

GOAL: to make the originals art/songs popular along with the Sinatra angle live

Leading to, IyH’ attracting a good agent (to work in tandem with Hannah) for the right venue bookings (that fit the “rider”).

More platforms:

Amazon author pages

YouTube videos and playlists

Two original albums on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc

Prepd; Instagram and Facebook materials "logs for the fire", for timely / geographical use

Social platform banners with different review quotes on each.

Social platform work prepared (all be it at a minimum, but ready for the slow instagram and Facebook release campaigns about to be commenced.

We have the beginnings of a team when it comes to some heavy lifting

Eli good with money matters

Hannah and me on slow social media dissemination & follow up and new booking introductions

Looking for all venues in the usa with a grand piano that fit the rider:



“Sinatra and originals” is a proven thing for me

Incorporating the Sinatra thing is tried and tested in a live show to pull an all ages crowd, and I am BH' good at it so as not to disappoint.

It is what gets people familiar with my material.

Operating the same principle; the “buy in” with the Sinatra stuff, then the originals become favorites.

It's just on such a small scale now. Hannas help in focus gathering the footage on the internet has been invaluable, to promote to this end. Thank you again!!!

I have funding for some targeted post promotion if only we knew how to effectiveley do and manage it.

All material are well prepared / gathered (see clip folder design image below) for the purposes of; from the funny stuff, to originals, to Sinatra stuff, testimonials etc

The bottom line:

If we make a successful project of exposing my originals and they catch enough, then when people come to the shows, they will be surprised that they will get a whole show of all sorts of different elements I am geared up to do / experienced in – this is the ideal way to go.


My USP is my own songs - they get the strongest reactions. In the end the leaning should always be towards this or it is nothing;

Indeed I have a strong suit to play in the Sinatra jazz realm, but it is not a real goal, it is an honest marketing angle / it can draw a crowd, and I can more than satisfy – BUT I am still one of many down the ages doing Sinatra - and why not he is the godolhador.

If the originals are put into public view, I am hopeful IyH' they will gain a stronger appreciation.


disseminating the material that has been well prepared; bolstered by two original on iTunes & Spotify etc, and the book on Amazon (with good reviews), and the web site (the web site is great - some technical mechanisms exist to boost traffic).


From a writing point of view; to be of help to people with difficult family relationships (of any religion)

From a performance point of view; to bring to life in the world, something of a balanced engagement. A healthy combination of a macho Sinatra type played against a sensitive artist poet type.


Thank you for your attention, as we forge ahead and hope to find experts to work with us who know how to best appeal to our targets that we hope to discover, eg in what quarters to try to get reviews etc

All the clips in the above videos (as well as many more) have been exported as individual clips for use on Instagram Facebook etc into a computer for Hannah


This computer has all the content and passwords to all platforms for Hannah to be able to make a steady start on the twin job, with easy step by step instructions for each campaign.


fielding campaign

media campaign


I will be sharing these with Hannah over two days in June when in VA, Washington and Baltimore for a run

Hannah the passwords for all the social accounts and computer gear info is on this page - ask me for the password to this page:



We may not get it everything covered - but the main points we will I'm sure.


My personal goal is to be “out” more.

The car and computer and caravan make it all serviceable, I am getting to grips with NEW MECHANISM to “pass on” quick mixes to people (ie Hannah) to make decisions as to what songs / clips to use, where and how "Logs for the fire") as we IyH' progress.

This new footage IyH’ will be in better venues and will give some needed leverage to our new target venues.

However the senior living footage works for anything to some extent.

I have to mix asap or I forget what was where – I hope to get to where the implementation process is more out of my hands. But for sure I can work fast now to produce on the go.

The whole in/out ratio is not so bad - just want to earn more so can have more of a private life as well.

Like you said Eli – I do a lot – the filming IyH’ also one day could be done more professionally - the camera positions, but still not intrusive for people.

If you want to speak to some people:

The best thing would be to do a deal with a marketing co, for them to explain what they know me and Hannah to work with / and guide us.

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