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To whom it may concern.

I have been performing a long time and built my speiality pieces up into what I see as a show for intimate types of stages / venues.


I developed my show in many ways in many community centers on the East coast. Some of the venues have been larger theatre spaces.

The audiences always vary in age, and are all familiar with what are my specialties; the material of Billy Joel, Sinatra, Dylan and my own which goes down the best. Please see footage on my web site. 

I feel ready to present my show in the way set out on the flyer. And my web site is a good point of reference to help sell the show.

I also have some nice testimonials. 

I travel and book my calendar at least a year in advance, hopefully we can work something out. 
I would very grateful for a meeting.

If you think my show is one you think we can sell* please be in touch with my manager / agent Alan Gestetner or me as you prefer



* combined sales tools:

Social media

News letter 


Flyers out to the community

Boosting ads geographically targets: fans of: Joel, Dylan, Sinatra, Elton, Beatles

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