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Orthodox Cosmopolitan Chasidish Litvak from Scotland:


Paul Toshner (Pinchas)

6 11 68

Monsey, New York 

Currently between Florida and NY

904 860 2362

pic at sea.PNG


Rav Eli Gestetner (845) 323-2631 (chavrusa and Rov)

Rabbi Mendle Jacobs Chabad Jacobs Glasgow (hometown) +44 7966303292

Libby Nussen – as if family Monsey 845 290 1776

Rav Sender Markowitz - Friend and magid sheer in Monsey - 845 659 9067

Mesoud Benasully – bestie 718 564 4465

Yisroel Ament - friend (we are on each others shiduch resume) 845 304 6635

Jacob Applebaum – friend 443 845 8109

Andrew Hollet – London boss for many years  +44 1536 416666

Rebitzin Udi Wachsman  - 914 263 4311

Rebitzin Chani Stolic, Coral Gabels Chabad: 305 301 9460

Are you ready?

Looking No1, my brocha, the jewel of my soul


Looking for….

...someone who can be vulnerable, genuine, compassionate, caring, passionate about people and doing good stuff, and a love for life.


Someone kind,  accepting of others, looks for the positives, is emotionally intelligent perhaps thanks to holding in yiddishket.

Someone put together, sophisticated, mature. 


Someone kind to waiters and strangers, respectful, real, not angry, loving, resilient, and can deal with adversity and be humble at the same time.

​Someone cute and into healthy eating, has her values in Yiddishkeit.


Likes music, travel (a bit is fine)

Never married, or divorced without children.

Wants a child BezH’

Has a love of Torah, and the arts in some way

Has access to a Rov for shailas and council

Yiras shomayim

Has intuition, can investigate but be trusting, I want to protect and take care of someone soft.

Can live in Florida

Bonus, if you play an instrument. 

Someone sympathetic and supportive to what I do, not just tolerates it


All said

One person can not supply it all, so you need to be comfortable with everything else then things work better with the right person.

Niggles will exist, things will come up that we don’t talk about, so core values & approach to life are a big part of the quotidian:

So ignoring all the above,

someone I can trust at the heart.



I hold myself to be the equally weighted






Nut (heart is chasidish, head is Litvish)

& from


I see myself as good hearted, passionate, caring, spiritual, intuitive, adventurous, kovea ittim (two hours a day at 6.30am or at 8am). I love learning, am a growth oriented in all areas, and looking to love again, to give up freedom for, to serve, to protect, to build a Jewish home.

WORK: I am a professional musician. I perform, compose, arrange, and teach music in piano shop clinics. 

see web site

I am spiritual, artistic, creative and think out of the box. I enjoy the arts very much! Doing artistic and creative things gives me joy and balance; I would say it is part of my essence. In the music field, I play and compose music, as a performer I mostly improvise but around well know standards. Music is very much a part me. Halacha, love of Torah, and a good heart are important to me.

Although a huge part of my life is as an artist / entertainer, and my personality and interests lends itself to my field, I’ve been told I’m good at leaving my role at work.

I love connecting with others, and engage in almost anything people related!

I see Torah / learning gemora, as a catalyst to the most sublime truths. The challenge is to live up to them for a better life.

I am on the 6th masechta in 14 years. Learning daily at 6.30am before davening with chavrusa / Rav Eli Gestetner

“Paul / Pinchas has a real desire for truth, a raw power and quest untainted and only satiated by arriving at an understanding”

Rav Eli Gestetner

Halacha wise I kind of to get away with the minimum

- though that depends who you are comparing to.


I have parnossa where I’m fulfilling a purpose, bli eyen hara Boruch Hashem. But I am looking for my earthly kodosh a kadshim, my shelter from the storm as Bob Dylan puts it. 


I do like the good things in life but am more low maintenance with my focus on a happy work life and a happy home, and to live where the hymashers are. That’s what I want to surround myself with. And IyH' want my kid/s to go to Yeshiva / Sem. 


...someone on a similar “rung”, for many reasons of shared things in life, ... and in the vain hope of less of a hard time!

Someone into the journey, perhaps another odd lonely child reaching for eternity...who can trust in Hashem and go at it to build a life.

Now and then i like to note down chidushim;


Be a king and you will get a queen

You need to feel advanced to care a lot 

Actors want to tell a story, frummers to live a life

U can’t detach yourself from yourself, or U can’t detach yourself from your subconscious which is, or is attached, to something higher.

Torah: the most realistic acknowledgement for the awareness that what you do here matters 


People meet, they get a good feeling, then they get to work building a relationship.


But ultimately I need a special girl, and that means probably a Chabad girl or Chabad connected. 

I'm building something, it's exciting, it's unusual, it brings an honest living, and has some travel, so in ways I need someone who can see something worth being supportive of, a kind of shlichus.

“Check this guy out, it’s a kiddush Hashem.” 

Ben Shapiro

The material I present / represent, is intrinsically of the higher degree found in the Jewish songwriters.

I am flexible to where our home base will be. I am moving to Florida because there is much more work there: I perform in Steinway recital rooms and Yamaha dealer piano shops, as well as country clubs, and retirement communities, all of which are largely located in the South. I estimate some travel which I'd love my wife to come with, when she can, for more detail plz ask - who knows perhaps we can work together (not nessesary)

I am busy BH' in my work life, right now it's a busy set up time in Florida, but romance and to have a family is more sweet when the time is neat, and always a priority. Much as I’m blessed with a unique life/way of making a living BH’, a married future will re-define and the move to FL will enable me to be a more of a husband (less travel). Wherever we live I also do private parties see the video “baby Boomers? baby Grand? baby Tosh!”

I am currently traveling, in Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, Boca Raton, Miami.


“The benefit of marriage is a joint story with someone you can communicate with and rely on in times of trouble. And who will call you out on stupidity.”

Jordan Peterson

All this was done because it had to be done, if you want to meet please be in touch to find out if we can share the road.​




Dinner in a restaurant of your choice if you can tell me why I called the page:

Ear Thumb Toe?



These are the things we are looking for:







These 5 needs in a partner 

correspond also to the 5 senses


Sight: social

Smell: spiritual 

Speech: intellectual 

Touch: physical

Taste: emotional 



On each count give two “points”

One point meaning “ok / satisfactory”

Two points meaning “great”


If you hit 7 points you are good to go. BUT none of the 5 categories can be a “zero”


But before giving your partner or potential partner a score, do one for yourself.


Point to note

Their is no “cultural”

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