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Available in Los Angeles Jan 28 - 31

Available in Florida Coast all of February





Pinchas Toshner

Orthodox (light) Cosmopolitan (light) Chasidish (b'erech) Litvak (100%) from Scotland (not my fault)

Call the numbers below if you want to get to know me prior to meeting.

That's the best; second best, way to do it, more than anything I could imagine to write here. 

And please send me the same. 

Thank you. 

Parnossa I have. Not for high maintenance though 

Slim build like me preferred 

40+ / can have kids

Basic frum and cosmopolitan too:

     meaning likes music and the arts 

Forgiving nature 

Has own interests 

Divorced with no kids preferred 

     meaning with never married things tend to drag


“Pinchas has a real desire for truth, a raw power and quest untainted and only satiated by arriving at an understanding”

Rabbi Eli Gestetner (845) 323-263 (chavrusa and Rov)

Libby Nussen – as if family Monsey 845 290 1776

Rav Sender Markowitz - Friend and magid sheer in Monsey - 845 659 9067

Mesoud Benasully – bestie 718 564 4465

Blimi & Josh Michelle Baltimore +1(303 250 1086)

Yisroel Ament - friend 845 304 6635

Jacob Applebaum – friend 443 845 8109

Rabbi Mendle Jacobs Chabad Jacobs Glasgow +44 7966303292

Andrew Hollet – London boss for many years  +44 1536 416666

Rebitzin Udi Wachsman  - 914 263 4311

Benny Brenig Golders Green London +44 7966 199 169

his son Yitzy +44 7513043892

his other son Yossi +43 688 8365 6269

Pearly Langman +44 797959780 London Childhood friend

Mike Tough +447900583435 Glasgow Childhood friend

I lost my mum 3 years ago, this is Sylvia her best friend +447808063068

I lost one of my best childhood friends also not long ago,

this is his brother David +44 7970 405 496


ok y'all know what to say...

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