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To whom it may concern


I having an amazing album (honed over a lifetime), and such an amazing show (how it runs / honed through thousands of live hours).

I perform a concert act very regularly up and down the East coast of the USA


The album (see video playlist below)

The way I run a show (see clips video here)

I write to ask; is there anything you can do to help me not to just be doing these senior living places, which are the only places that regularly take an unknown as a concert act. My goal is to stay busy, but reaching further doing my intimate format type work. I feel I have done my time.


I think Jazz clubs would work well with the type of combination I provide, that Alex Clare summed up long ago as “The very embodiment of the term Crooner. Knows his way round the ivories better than most, with an unbeatable repertoire of originals and classics to keep you entertained."


If their was a record company saw my work they would consider I could be put around jazz clubs successfully so, I am very sure of it. It is also the size of audience I enjoy.


It may require a production version of the album – all good and well IyH'


If you would make an introduction and if it works out we can come to some kind of arrangement for a kick back.

Or I can simply pay to make an introduction.


Please see the enclosed work. 

Please take not of the songs:

An Artist, Let me cry, & Beautiful Sunshine

Then decide if we can we meet to chat in this regard. 

Kind regards




Business partner

Alan Gestetner


phenom album cover.jpg