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Dear Jack, Melody, Joseph, and everyone who came to the first concert/clinicI can not thank you enough for your support and attitude.

Thanks for coming, thanks for enjoying my originals!

So we are doing the next concert with a few more originals as well as familiar tunes, and as discussed can we still rely on you to help spread the word!?  


2pm Monday June 5th

Tickets $20

To book, contact;

Jack, Joseph or Melody 

on 904 880 0002


*VIP $34 with early entry,

and a signed book or T-shirt

$49 with both

kc fade.jpg

I did a few more gigs since I saw you last and I believe I’m honing my thoughts and approach – please see new takes for some of the originals I will be performing* in the playlist below.

* If you are new, then have a listen and get ready to sing along, and if you have you ever thought of song writing I may do a short clinic session on it too.

Best as always


see b.jpg