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media campaign / process


when you see anything you think should be removed plz tell me

- if you find new ways of doing things please feel free

we can agree on "best bits" but I MUST NOT BE ALLOWED OT MANAGE THIS.


when you release material be available within a day or tow at the most to make responses. The key is disseminating the most artistic pieces

Can you research how to get the “shorts” I put onto YouTube onto the YouTube Sorts / “reels”? It may actually happen automatically when it's such a short video?

Before seeing the below - a web site Called

is a good way for me to send you new clips that come up as I go along



"Batch Reels"; is basically what we have.

Recommend is once a day but no more than three times a day. 

Best times to post on Instagram: Mondays at 11 a.m., Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Thursdays and Fridays 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Best days to post on Instagram: Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Worst days to post on Instagram: Sundays.

We will get a feel for when people respond and hopefully want more, and we can adjust.

In all the social media posting please act as a responder for me. Id like people who comment on videos to get a response, even say things like: Hi I'm Hannah I help Paul with social media side among other things, I will get the message to him. Here is what he is doing just now and if you ever want to book him in your community please dm me here, thank you :)


just reply


UPLOAD CAMPAIGN to start now (after I see you in Baltimore) with a consistent feed to socials of clips with hashtags = while we are all getting the people to look into the product / become informed

try it a little - get a feel for the process using the instagram posting app (makes it easier on apple laptop provided) + try a fbk post + try a twitter post. and monitor for engagement follow up

RELEASE MANAGEMENT maintenance required

Ie: consistently releasing + maintaining responses to messages

– Hannah better more attentive / If u enjoy have fun with post replies - funny stuff!!!

... type a story to a clip you are uploading - message me for a few words on whatever one you are doing at the time.


INSTAGRAM: paultoshner.   Password: 0313brooklyn


UPLOAD guidelines for clips

Every day except Saturday (unless after shabbas) / anyway the opinion on Saturday is bad - which makes sense as people only want a distraction from something they do not like i.e. work, which is during the week.   

• one clip from one of the folders 

    + sometimes also one clip from the funny moments folder


lowercase first letter = not a song = a talking or funny thing

Upper case first letter = a song


Insta REELS get short clips

FBK gets full vids or a YouTube link & the odd clip

If in you come across duplicate clips it's ok to upload them again (that I mistakenly made). I see Due Lippa re-posts every month for some clips for a while

eg “Mary had a little lamb” a few times

in meeting spend a little time understanding how I laid out the video folders

If the clip is about the book be sure to add the links to the book on Amazon - otherwise only now and then add those links - not too much (links below)




The principle is we need to somehow start a fire (will be consulting on), and keep throwing logs on the fire – which is all these clips and videos 


THIS IS A BREAKDOWN of the app - probably easier to see in person


  • select the video: FROM A DIFFERENT FOLDER, rotate through

  • copy clip title from the video (in folder on desktop: click/hover mouse to grab title / then paste in before the #hashtags)


***BUT if the clip is from an original song

put ORIGINAL in capital letters before the title

  • After the title type whichever folder you got it from in brackets eg (Jazz and looping)

•  add: Albums available on iTunes etc

• now paste in #hashtags (below)– or add from saved collection “BBT”

• make sure “spoken” volume bar is up 

  • click “change cover” to select the best “still” as the cover

  • check: Also share to feed

• Try adding stylizing /comments / buttony things on top of the videos (ie reels). If not. - np

• hit “share”


• Once clip finished uploading hover/click over title again - then hit LEFT Arrow and add to start of title: *UP:i1

    This way if a clip becomes popular we can upload numerous times

    Each time changing the name 1 2 3 4 etc



hashtags #’s – saved as a collection “BBT” in insta

#babytosh #singersongwriter #piano #pianist #entertainer #banter #sinatra #TheBeatles #BobDylan #BillyJoel #originals #paultoshner


Always if the clip is about the book, but also sometimes add to the post, the links for the book:


AMAZON book & reviews:





Fbk job 


Password: hannahbabytosh


FACEBOOK Id rather exclusively 

full songs to be original songs at the beginning

But FBK can get clips also 


a song a week – DON’T JUST DROP IT ALL UP THERE 

Two clips a week (on different days)



If uploading to artist page - “share” with personal page also


the “Sinatra and Originals” clips video should probably go on Facebook at some point and be promoted with an ad campaign to Sinatra fans as the demographic


Once song finished uploading add to the start of the title: *UP f1

I have downloaded a lot of them – if one is not downloaded go to the youtube channel and download from there to upload again to FBK – OR share the link. YouTube links sometimes (it’s good to do both as it points to the YouTube Chanel - but algorithm wise it’s better to upload direct - so mostly direct upload from “FBK some best of FULL song ORIG” folder


Add Info to each upload

clip title

Albums available on iTunes etc






twitter – 

twitter gets a youtube links I think - not really sure how to use twitter 

& a poster and the odd pic



Do you know how to make clips in QuickTime? - not needed at this point


things gotten advanced from below selections - best yo make the YouTube selections from YouTube


Under skin.  7

Vincent.   5

Tiny Dancer.    6


A love so great

In Love again

9 Why Judy why

8 The way we were

10 Beautiful sunshine

7 let me cry Towson

10 let me cry in other place

7 summertime

10 if heart in head

8 HKB’

7 wind beneath

7 wind beneath II

7 nobody dose better

8 two faced

10 forgive or fight

10 cant help falling

7 or 8 everything. Own

7 Rokin at edge Englewood v g

9 Sorry take 2 Englewood

7 witchcraft

7 carry that weight

7 the girl next door

8 Logical

7 Logical II

8 piano man

8 anenu VA

7 the time

7 just a moment away Rudis

7 everythgin I own

7 somewhere only we know

7 if what we are is enough

7 blackbird mother Glasgow





7 forever young VA

7 I try

7 al the way VA

7 yyo VA

9 yyo

6 yyo same!!?

6 HKB’ Englewood




paper gun

Nessun Jazz new lyric

the lady is a tramp

Forever young

Narrow bridge

Yellow submarine

Im not in love

Fire and rain

Here there

Close to you


Why judy why






These are all downloaded already in folders in Hannas Mac



paper gun

Nessun Jazz new lyric

the lady is a tramp

Forever young  

A narrow bridge

A time goes by

Close to you

The space between

The sorry song

Nessun dorma jazz

Fire rain

Not in love

Yellow submarine

Both sides

Broken man VA 1:13- 4

Not scared of man 3:43- 7

If I was asked by gd 3:30- 8

Chocolate girl deacon blue 2:42- 5

Changes II David Bowie 2:38- 9

Painful bother 6:47- 6

Who knows why bbt 4:45- 8

Sorry song 3:38- 8

Jazz classical 2:53- 6

In love again 4:47- 5

Chicken soup 1:27- 4

With or without you U2 3:00- 4

The content not the frame 3:29- 6

The visitors 4:54- 7

Un artist 4:48- 6

Nowhere else 4:55-  5

Beautiful sunshine 27 March 2022 4:54- 6

To answer both 2:17- 7

Closing time Tom waits 1:30- 6

Shelter from the storm bob dylan 3:51- 4

Sorry song 4:16- 7

You make me rock n roll 5:25- 9

Phenomenal heart 4:31- 8 done really well

A new president 1:55- 5

Let it be with without you 6:05- 5

In love again 3:57- 6

Your nobody till somebody loves you 2:12- 5

Mandy 4:31- 8

As time goes by and mr bojangles frank sinatra 6:03- 6

Fire and rain 4:33

I’m not in love 10cc 4:28- 6

Yellow submarine the Beatles 3:38- 6

Gran Torino Jamie cullum and Clint Eastwood 3:15- 9


8 Hallel

5 Your song

6 My way

9 Young at heart

5 Omissions of love

8 ppl cover the way they feel

7 all that matters now

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