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Jewish Pride; on two levels.

First and simplest that all these songwriters are Jewish.



Second to help raise money for, and help people in secular communities realize what benefit they get in having a Kollel, to help grasp the measure of what is Yiddishkeit.


The heartfelt intelligence found in the Jewish songwriters is half the story, it is that exact same wit / our inheritance, that is best employed by sitting with a Kollel member in a community lucky enough to have one.


You will come to understand that a Kollel is something to boast (it's G-ds university). And why these Kollel students deserve a special respect, not the opposite (not that they care if they get some negative wind).


So what good is a Kollel in a community?

You have the opportunity to be as liberated, as well as benefit by osmosis.


I am committed to doing 1 in 10 concerts free as a fund raiser, as it is without any doubt that I would not have the structuring skills and creative depth had I not been welcomed into studying Gemora 15 years ago by the Glasgow Kollel, along with the shared enthusiasm of my chavrusas (learning partners) Tuli Dubiner & Eli Gestetner.

"There is more to life, something deeper, something that touches you. Music allows you to feel something deeper in yourself…..and the answer is Torah; Kollel is just a type of Torah. Many ways exist to engage; you can listen to a class, read a book, many ways to tap in. Paul personally was inspired by learning with the Glasgow Kollel. I also love to play a part in bringing such an experience to peoples lives"

Rabbi Scott Hoberman - on YouTube

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