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COVER of the week


“The very embodiment of the term Crooner. Knows his way round the ivories better than most, with an unbeatable repertoire of originals Classics to keep you entertained."

Alex Clare

Island Records artist

ORIGINAL of the week

Beautiful Sunshine 


“Fun show and great guy! Really got everyone singing and kept the energy up. He knows his stuff”

Joseph and Charles Fox

Fox Music HouseYamaha dealer Charleston

"He speaks in a distinctive Scottish accent. With a friendly, bubbly personality that lights up the room and makes everyone feel welcome."

Baltimore Jewish Times

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Blend II

Blend II

Blend II
I hope that I don't fall in love with you   Tom Waits

I hope that I don't fall in love with you Tom Waits

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Everything I own Bread

Everything I own Bread

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Your Song Elton John

Your Song Elton John

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BBT at piano

"Sings like Bono, plays like Billy Joel"

-Avi D. BaltimoreMaryland

​"You are an artist in your own right, I just hear Paul Toshner”

-Miss Sylvia

Brightview Wellspring



"Our guest musician tonight, is Paul Toshner 

Known by his stage name of baby Tosh,

Paul is from Scotland originally.

He is a connoisseur of songs with deeper meaning*, 

plus live piano looping, blending classical and jazz, 

as well as his own “bipopular” compositions. He has performed in Europe and throughout the U.S. touring as a soloist.


So without further ado, I'd like to introduce to you baby Tosh"


* Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Bette Midlar, Leonard Cohen, Carol King, Barbra Streisand, and many of the Sinatra Jewish song writers. 



Paul started life as a musician playing in Princes Square, an up-market shopping center in Glasgow, Scotland and local hotel piano bars, then he covered for a job in Denmark for a friend who couldn’t make it. From there to piano bars in ski resorts in Klosters and St. Moritz, Switzerland. Followed by residencies in London West End hotel piano bars. And now touring as a solo concert act in the U.S..

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"Such a great performance! Baby Tosh was energetic, inclusive, and so entertaining! Residents loved the interaction and the over all joy brought to the community. We can't wait to have him back!"

Elinor Lincoln

Activities director

Harmony at Savannah, Georgia

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​"Really good solid organic original material, 

it has to be experienced live, they’re not simple in terms of structure nor in terms of emotional content."

-Miguel Cavazos, session drummer, LA


“Paul is a master songwriter, tying up lyrics and music together to create a unique and spiritual bond. His performance is filled with love

and joy and fun.”

Art Lisker 

Executive Director

Lisker Music Foundation

ORIGINAL of the week II

COVER of the week

To make u feel my love. Bob Dylan



“Paul has been playing at our assisted living community for two years now and comes almost monthly to entertain, and entertain he does! He is interactive, exciting and has been known to learn a song or two for our residents. He puts a fun spin on any song and clearly loves what he's doing. I highly suggest him!”

Courtney Corrosi

Activities director

Brightview Senior living, Maryland 


"Im glad I got to see you before I go" “I think you sound like Michael Bublay” “You’re an artist in your own right, you don’t remind me of anybody now but Paul Toshner” “You brought Sinatra back to life” "You are just incredibly creative" “More fantastic than Carnegie Hall” “You wrote most of these songs didn’t you? A very talented man you are!” “Above and beyond” “I like him the best, he’s got humor with his playing, the other ones are strait laced” “We’re not going to let you go.” “I’m a Frank Sinatra tribute act up in the North East, but your tone is just amazing” “You’re a really good frank Sinatra singer, you get his…. timing” “I think I’ve listened to that song a hundred times but that might be the first time I’ve actually heard it" “You love what you’re doing, that love comes out to all of us” “We say to hell with Bingo!” “You did a very good job with a smile, and that’s the way it is” “You were excellent, and I’m old enough to know cause I go back to Billy Eckstine and all them cats” “You sing with your whole body?” “He can play the piano thats for sure” "any song you play we've all experienced something" “Your free. Some people stick to things but your very fluid. You’re a real artist, as if u don’t know it!” “It’s my speed” "You don't know this but nobody leaves when you play, with the other entertainers people tiptoe out, with you they tiptoe in" “You are amongst those that keep the world alive”


BBT ear shot 1
LIGB cover Aug 2023.jpg
LIGB cover Aug 2023.jpg
BBT mike

“It’s so deep, informative, poetic and entertaining! It’s a masterpiece.

After reading the book, I would definitely feel more confident to get on that stage!”

Shani Teichman – pianist

"I am a frequent public speaker and found this book a reminder of things I thought I knew, as well as a source of new ideas. Highly recommended!”

I Cox, President/CEO Wheeltug PLC 

“Tried and true nerve calmers, and methods to keep your audience hooked and happy."

Maddie Papesh

amazon logo

“You will gain insight and inspiration from this important work.”

Yechiel Spero, Author

“What he has basically done is

 written a lab book of his experiences for people to use and share. It makes me wish I was a performer." 

Nathan Sobel, Accountant


Paul also travels across the U.S. to put on a concert / clinic

in piano shop recital halls. He delivers a ccombined concert / demystifying workshop covering; 

• instrument choice; expositions and demonstrations as to why a real instrument has such a profound impact

• voice understanding • songwriting

• performance; referencing excerpts from his book

• and piano; using his ounique shape recognition technique

Also for those interested