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Baby Tosh 😁

New York, Washington, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, London


I was born in Glasgow, Scotland. I started life as a musician playing piano in Princess Square, a classy shopping center. Then moved on to hotel piano bars, where I got to cover for a job in Denmark for a friend who couldn’t make it. There I met an agent. From there, I went on to piano bars and ski resorts in Klosters and St. Moritz, Switzerland. Then residencies in two hotels in London’s West End. Followed by concert work in various community centers in the USA. 


My great grandparents are from Kovna (Kaunas) in Lithuania.

My mu I lost three years ago and my dad still runs his print shop in Glasgow Scotland.

I was born in the Victoria Infirmary Glasgow, Scotland.

I have been a Swiss ski resort piano bar act, community halls concert act, and hotels in Londons west end. I perform lyric based song with some chat and piano looping. I took classical voice lessons for three years with Lidea De Rosa, and piano with Jim McDowall in Glasgow

My piano / music influences include: Keith Jarrett, Billy Joel, Mahler

My singing influences include: Frank Sinatra, Pavarotti, Elton John

My songwriting influences include Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, Dorothy Parker, and of course The Beatles

and all the story songs:

Hotel California, Tangled Up in Blue, Shelter From the Storm, The Wind Beneath My Wings,

The Gambler, Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man, Jailhouse Rock, Mr Bojangles, My Way, One For the Road, When I'm 64,

Norwegian Wood, My Life, A Day in The Life, The Fool On The Hill, Goodnight Saigon, Piano Man,

I Go To Extremes, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, Minnie The Moocher, Mary Poppins, Suzanne


feel free to contact me


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"Paul has been performing for a number of years in various hotels in London I have been running. He is an all round entertainer, has shown great engagement and is willing to go that extra mile for customers and you as a client."

Operations Manager, 2014

Danubious Regents Park London

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"He sports a white fedora, speaks in a distinctive Scottish accent. With a friendly, bubbly personality that lights up the room and makes everyone feel welcome."

-Baltimore Jewish Times

He speaks in a distinctive Scottish accent and sings as though he’s auditioning for a place in the Rat Pack.

He’s Paul Avrom Toshner.

A classically trained and jazz singer, Paul lives in Pikesville but was born and raised in the city of Glasgow. His professional career began in the Danish city of Aarhus, when an acquaintance asked him to cover his gig as a performer in a hotel for a month. From there, an agent got him jobs playing at the bars of Swiss ski resorts. He went on to take his performances all over the United Kingdom, including London, Manchester, Blackpool and, of course, his native Scotland. 

In the course of his adventures, Paul eventually crossed paths with a Dr. Tan Sri Khoo, he says. A major shareholder and chairman of a British textile company, Khoo became his major patron and pushed him into the musical genre that would become his staple.

Khoo happened to be a great fan of Sinatra. He said he finds American audiences enthusiastic about his repertoire in general — which is what influenced him to relocate to the US three years ago.

“[The British] were great, they’d say, ‘Oh, it’s great, mate. Do you want a drink? Can you play Wonderwall by Oasis?’ But the Americans would be like, ‘Hey, man. Do you know Bob Dylan? Here’s 20 pounds.’ They would tip,” he explains. The fact that American audiences seemed more emotionally invested in his performances helped to sway him as well. 

With a friendly, bubbly personality that lights up the room and makes everyone feel welcome, Paul is known for his distinctly off-beat style and an almost mystical relationship with his music.


“The very embodiment of the term Crooner. Knows his way round the ivories better than most, with an unbeatable repertoire of originals Classics to keep you entertained."

Alex Clare

Island Records artist

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McDonalds Gran TorinoPaul Toshner
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Westfield shopping centre Shepherd's bush London.

With Dr Khoo and his wife as he picked me up for what was to be a three year stint at The Corus Hyde Park.

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Code of silence


"Paul's songs are alive, you have to live with them. 

Pinny also sets the standard, when it comes to camaraderie, and healthy artistic sharing." 

-Mesoud Benasuly

Portrait artist and Bass player New York City


“Bar sales are way up whenever Paul plays. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a reference ”

Andrew Hollett GM 

at the time PAUL was resident entertainer

 four hours a night for nights a week for three years.

now GM at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa

T: 01536 416666



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The Crystal, St Moritz

St Moritz 1.jpg

The Chesa Grischuna Klosters


Klosters private function

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Bastille Taverne Glasgow with Rich on drums


Café des Art's with the Davidoff trio Basil


Princess Square Glasgow


Brightview White Marsh Baltimore

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