New twist on the motivational speaker

(New performance approach design sampler playlist below)

INCORPORATING: The 70’s singer songwriters (Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, The Beatles, Elton John) & insights, theories and stories that go with their songs,

Frank Sinatra, Live looping piano, Motivational ideas, Sing along songs, Sound effects, Originals, Puppetry: Alter Ego Emu, Team building tid bits,

The entertainer rules book readings, Honors list, Songs made up for people in the room, a little dancing, some harmonica, and a few laughs…. 

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More about
the Motivational Speaker

Keynote / motivational speaker,

concert performer, author and song writer;

presenting a new twist on the idea of the motivational speaker, bringing ideas in song with insights gathered

in an entertaining and informative program. 

The artist

Sinatra crooner / songwriter /pianist;

blending jazz, classical and live looping piano,​

interspersed with a few laughs.

Singing pianist

specializing in the seventies singer songwriters 

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The Book

Life is Grand, Baby!

available on Amazon

- seventies songwriters  - Motivational speaker - Pianist - Singer - Entertainer - New York - Greater London - Los Angeles - District of Columbia - United Kingdom - Washington - London - Maryland - California - United States - Baltimore