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baby TOSH

singer songwriter

I deliver live piano looping and vocal performances; blending classical

and jazz,

specializing in My own compositions, Sinatra, the 1970’s New York Jewish singer songwriters,

and some light OperA

& a demystify THE PIANO AND SONGWRITING clinic

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                                   "BabyTosh, the stage name for

                                   Paul Toshner, a global pianist

                                   and composer that brings a

                                   blend of jazz and opera to the

                                  1970s Jewish Singer/Songwriters book

                                   as well as to his own originals.


Tosh has a great stage presence, matched with a keen ability to interpret on the piano. Each set is crafted live and interactive with audiences to gain a feel for the venues he plays in around the world. 


Baby Tosh has performed in Europe and throughout the US, touring as a soloist.  Equally adept with piano and microphone, he brings large energy and audience feedback encourages each song.


This is an all ages show, students are free with parents attending. 

Fox Music House is the areas largest and oldest music store, coined as Charleston's Newest Venue. The 200 seat hall is dedicated bringing more music to more people. Housing a top notch sound stage and selection of fine instruments, Fox Music House hosts regularly shows from touring media events to in-demand clinics, through full band rock reviews! 

As an anchor of the community, make sure to come early to check out the immense show room at Fox Music House"

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