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*One Hour set up

Sometimes an hour and a half, access to the performance area, especially on the first time. 

It’s ok if other people are there.

Once it's all set up their's only a sound check for 5 mins max for the dynamics for that room.


rig set up: 20 min

sound test: 20 min

meet with people: 20 min

buffer just in case 30 min

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The more you know

the better the show

Please see as much of the below as possible


1 •

A real piano

2 •

A minimum one hour set up (pref an hour and a half)

3 •

The right hand side of the piano (curve side) facing towards the audience. 

4 •​​

To note:

Soft velcro on the piano (comes off without a mark)


5 •​​

re Covid; safe distance can be maintained or a screen put up as required. I am not able to perform with a mask.

6 •

I am not perform a singing concert while people eat.

​Drinks or food can be before, after, or during intermission, but during not the show.

7 •​​

In any religious centre / building, I can not perform in the designated prayer room, only an annexed hall.

8 •​​

Preferably no opening act

9 • 

Preferably a seated venue 


BBT mike



1 •

Doors to open to performance area at least a half an hour prior to performance time

2 •

Show time to be one hour, with an allowance for a half hour run on

3 •

An in tune piano, with all notes working (not essential)

4 •

If an area in the room has no line of sight to the performance area, if possible it should be closed off.

Thank you for your considerations,

looking forwards to a special event.


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