This small list of things are the absolute essentials for me to deliver the best show. Standards for a concert type show. Things you would think are obvious, but sometimes people want to put me into a situation that they can make a commission on, but that I know I will fail in.


1 • The pianos* right hand side (curve side) towards the room; but slightly more than a perfect "side on" position, so that more of the audience can see the keys (to where my back is a 1/3 to the room).

2 • *A real piano

   - no outer case of a piano with a hidden electric keyboard inside 

     - (an in tune piano for best results, with all notes working - though not essential) 


3 • A seated theatre like setting (exceptions may exist)


4 • A minimum one hour set up time allowed for


5 • Show booked to run for one hour

   but with an allowance for an extra half hour run on


6 • Doors to open to performance space at least a half hr prior

7 • The room to have no hidden corners. 

It can not be that people are around a corner / hidden from the line of sight or sound from the performance area.

Any such areas to be closed off, if they have no view to the piano.

8 • I do not perform / sing with a mask on.

   a safe distance can be maintained or screen put up as required. 

9 • I do not perform while people eat

Thank you for your attention to these details, looking forwards to a special performance for everyone.



Thumbs up rig.jpg

*One Hour set up

Sometimes I need an hour and a half, access to the performance area, especially on the first time. 

It’s ok if other people are there.

Once it's all set up their's only a sound check for 5 mins max for the dynamics for that room.


rig set up: 20 min

sound test: 20 min

meet with people: 20 min

buffer just in case 30 min