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I only perform on a real piano,

along with the below small, but mutually beneficials:


1 •

A real piano

(not a keyboard - even one hidden inside a piano case, which I sometimes find). 

2 •

A minimum one hour set up time allowed

3 •

Allowed as required to move the piano so the right hand side (curve side) faces towards the audience. 

4 •​​

Allowed to put some velcro on the piano


5 •​​

re Covid; a safe distance can be maintained or a screen put up as required, but I am not able to perform with a mask on.

6 •

I can not perform while people eat.

​Drinks or food can be served before, after or in an intermission, but not during a show.

7 •​​

In any religious centre building, I do not perform in the designated prayer room, only any annexed hall.

8 •​​

Please no introductions

9 •​​

Please no  opening act


NON ESSENTIALS but preferable: 


1 •

Doors open to performance area at least a half an hour prior to performance start time

2 • 

A seated venue 

3 •

Show time basically to be one hour, with an allowance for a further extra half hour run on

4 •

An in tune piano for best results, with all notes working (not essential)

5 •

No hidden / out of sight corners in the room.

If an area in the room has no line of sight to the performance area, if possible it should be closed off (see video).

Thank you for your considerations, understanding and patience,

looking forwards to a special time for all.


Thumbs up rig.jpg

*One Hour set up

Sometimes an hour and a half, access to the performance area, especially on the first time. 

It’s ok if other people are there.

Once it's all set up their's only a sound check for 5 mins max for the dynamics for that room.


rig set up: 20 min

sound test: 20 min

meet with people: 20 min

buffer just in case 30 min

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