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“It’s so deep, informative, poetic and entertaining! It’s a masterpiece.

After reading the book, I would definitely feel more confident to get on that stage!”

Shani Teichman – pianist

"What he has done is written a lab book of his experiences for people to use and share. It makes me wish I was a performer"
-Nossen Sobel, Accountant London

"An instruction manual about how to do a good performance, it speaks to me. Very well written thoughtful stuff, fascinating.
-Avraham Rosenblum, The Diaspora Yeshiva band


“An invaluable tool for anyone and everyone in the entertainment industry. Paul’s warmth and engaging personality shine forth as he takes us from the pre-gig preparation through the unforgettable performances. You will gain insight and inspiration from this important work.”

Yechiel Spero, Author

“Paul Toshner is a pianist who mastered his instrument and performance with great skill, and with what seems like endless creativity. I recommend reading his book whether if you are a musician or not! Paul’s book "Life is grand baby" is not only a great practical guide for performers, but it holistically covers many aspects of performance and life altogether. It teaches you how to set up your gear, but also how to handle different situations in life, onstage and off. How to deal with people, how to deal with stress, how to be present – in the moment, how to open yourself to what life has to give, and much more. It could be read as a practical guide for performance but also as a parable, a guide for dealing with life. It is practical, spiritual, poetic, addresses the human psyche, written with wit and humor, easy to connect to and creative. It is well rounded – it exposes you to little details you wouldn't necessarily think of on your own as a beginning performer!”

Rivka Macales, 

composer, pianist 

and music theory teacher.

“I have it all the time, I keep it in my car, it’s my inspiration. 

I have 3000 books but this is one of the best”

Miss Sylvia

-Live quotes (YouTube videos)

AMAZON 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2021

"It is all about connection! 

The real value of music or theater or even a speech is found in the in-person, live performance. There is an energy that exists in the interplay between the performer and the audience that is capable of creating its own unique magic. But in order for that to be possible, both parties need to find ways to invest themselves in that connection.


That is really what this book is about. It may, in theory, be about how to play gigs for an audience, but to me its real value lies in the understanding that a great live performer - whether of music or dramatic reading or giving a speech - finds ways large and small to connect with the audience. And this book is full of goodies and tidbits that help make that possible.


I am a frequent public speaker and presenter, and I found this book a reminder of some things I already thought I knew, as well as a source of new ideas and inspiration in how I can do an even better job. Highly recommended!

Isaiah W Cox

President/CEO , Wheeltug PLC

Mark D.jpeg

This is an insightful, quirky and practical read for any musician/ singer.

I can’t profess to be either of those so found some of the references hard to relate to.

But as a pubic speaker there was an awful lot for me to learn about listening to, understanding and properly engaging with my audience.

Before reading this book I was too focused on me and what I wanted to transmit instead of what the audience want to receive.   I’ll look to inculcate some of Paul’s valuable lessons into my repertoire.

It’s also given me a renewed vigour to properly engage in my daily Talmud lesson.

Thank you Pinchas – it shows you can take a boy out of Glasgow 😉

Mark Duman MRPharmS

"I just read Paul's book and it was really an interesting journey with lots of great tips and stories and advice of what to do or what not to do in various kinds of performances scenarios, I will definitely remember this book. He has enriched me in many ways, thank you Paul for sharing your experiences with the world, fantastic book, well recommend to anyone who wants to improve or learn a few lessons as a music performer, you will find something interesting and relevant to your needs as there are many different topics for different moments."

Fabio Teddy (pianist)

Instagram: @pianist_without_borders

"An instruction manual about how to do a good performance, it speaks to me. Very well written thoughtful stu!, fascinating.”

Avraham Rosenblum, The Diaspora Yeshiva band

“It's the what, when and how of performance. A tool to

amplify inherent abilities.”

Chaim Neiman, with Concord friends


5 out of 5 stars A MUST!!!!!!!!

"Excellent book!!!!

The theory or principle should always be, as you improve your own life so should you be more capable of improving the lives of those around you.

This is an easy read and full of important life lessons, and not just for the singing pianist.

Adventure awaits.

Thank you Paul!!!

Allex Markovits

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