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Coincidence or sign


I have a song pool of, for a concert of selected inspiring and meaningful songs and song insights suitable for anyone of faith.

"you are amongst those

who keep the world alive"

-Live quotes (YouTube videos)

Dear program director 

I have built my specialty pieces to what I see as for more faith type venues.


I develop my act continually in community centers and theatre spaces up and down the East coast.

Audiences always vary in age, and are familiar with; Billy Joel, Sinatra, Dylan along with my own sing along songs that go down great. 

My web site is a good point of reference to help promote a show, 
including live and quoted testimonials. 

I travel and book my calendar dates a year in advance. 
I would be grateful to hear from you to discuss how we could promote* a show. Please be in touch with my agent Alan Gestetner or myself as you prefer.




Social media

News letter 


Flyers to the community

Targeted ads geographically to: fans of: 

Billy Joel Frank Sinatra The Beatles Neil Diamond Bob Dylan Ben Folds Elton John

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