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Please consider helping me get me past security gates of places in Florida with a grand piano for 15% of any fee (in perpetuity) that I secure that you perhaps normally don’t charge. Yielding in the end close to, or more than the same for you, with less work. 


Id like to address any concerns; off the top of my head I would never act as an agent to these places for another artist, I am not interested at all, far too busy. I would sign any agreement to that effect. Also my bookings will not impose, I am only one person and as can be seen travel also to perform. Anything else please let me know. 


All be it the security gates are my issue, I still make inroads and to a variety of venue types (would like to share). 

I am interested in a less pressure agent for the bigger things and would like to put you in touch with program directors I sell to, to do discussing if things look like dragging for 20% commission.

I would be very happy for such a situation deeply. 

Message to agentsFrom: baby Tosh
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It's a unique type of show, that speaks of itself.

I enclose a variety of original songs and covers done in a certain way.

My vision is for small jazz type clubs, that have real pianos, as a starting point for what could be a small theater act, also classical type venues but for the intimacy (even though it’s not classical music per say).

Please review the enclosed to see if we can share a vision about what could be done for:

A small club tour with my equipment and logistics, using material enclosed to help promote.

Looking forwards

"I cant believe the level of artistry you're bringing to the people in these residential homes. I bet they'd never seen anything like it before".

Joe Tepperman

Author, theater writer, speech engineer

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