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Let things happen,
and be the ball


I have a song pool of, for a concert of Sinatra and the 1970’s songwriters, as well as many theme night ideas.

Dear program director

I have built my specialty pieces to what I see as for more country club type venues.


I develop my act continually in community centers and theatre spaces up and down the East coast.

Audiences always vary in age, and are familiar with; Billy Joel, Sinatra, Dylan along with my own sing along songs that go down great. 

My web site is a good point of reference to help promote a show, 
including live and quoted testimonials. 

I travel and book my calendar dates a year in advance. 
I would be grateful to hear from you to discuss how we could promote* a show. Please be in touch with my agent Alan Gestetner or myself as you prefer.




Social media

News letter 


Flyers to the community

Targeted ads geographically to: fans of: 

Billy Joel Frank Sinatra The Beatles Neil Diamond Bob Dylan Ben Folds Elton John

“The very embodiment of the term Crooner. Knows his way round the ivories better than most, with an unbeatable repertoire of originals Classics to keep you entertained."

Alex Clare

Island Records artist

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