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The Baby Tosh project

Please watch the above, and please read the below mitigating circumstances to keep Paul doing what he is doing.



I'm Eli Gestetner, 

Gabbi of Kahal Mekor Chaim (7 Valencia Dr in Monsey), friend, sponsor and council to Paul Toshner

I manage a fund through a registered charity to help keep Paul in the game.

845 323 2631

Paul's work is a public service, it promotes the welfare of others, brings peace and good will, and a love of humanity on many levels. I have watched his progression, efforts and results.

I seek to find a donor partner, and through the Mekor Chaim registered charity, contribute to the propagation of his work across the USA.

His work is rare, and it is much needed - please review the many candid responses in the live testimonials captured on video (link below) to see the impact of his work.

These senior facilities budget for a meager pay as they are not used to this standard, communications below from two of his regular customers:

* “Since Covid all the other entertainers don’t want to come back and they all now ask for $500 and we cant afford it, Paul has always performed his 2hr show with set up and strip down for $360, this is the most we ever paid any entertainer which usually ranges from $150 to $200 max, but he works hard doing a great job.”

Courtney Corrosi

Activities director

Brightview Senior living, Maryland 

(410 567 0094)

Harmony in Savannah pay Paul $175, and recently went up to $195, which is $95 more than they pay any other entertainer. And this is the review they left:

"Such a great performance! Baby Tosh was energetic, inclusive, and so entertaining! Residents loved the interaction and the over all joy brought to the community. We can't wait to have him back!"

Elinor Lincoln

Activities director

Harmony at Savannah, Georgia

I hope to allow for a modest income for Paul to help support a normal family life and keep him doing what he is doing, also to lift some of the load hiring him help on bookings, as he continues to perform for seniors, and other markets.

His costs far outweigh his income, but the demand as well as benefits are hi. 

No way exists to bypass all the program directors to the owners who determine these low wages, in return for what is a uniquely appreciated service. There are no other people out there doing what he is doing, hence Paul gets the “maximum” wherever he goes, but it is still so very low for what is such breadth in; tasking, maintenance, preparation, set up time etc; these and more behind the scenes jobs, that people don't necessarily appreciate. It simply doesn't pay what it should for the sake of these seniors.

"I cant believe the level of artistry you're bringing to the people in these residential homes.

I bet they'd never seen anything like it before".

Joe Tepperman

Author, theater writer, speech engineer

Paul has taken music as a therapy to a new level, every performance contributes to calmness, contributes to a degree of peace, and to the participants overall wellbeing. He has not only dedicated his life to his work, honed a repertoire and performance approach, and proved himself with a variety of audiences, but has developed his own unique quality equipment systems so as to provide a fast set up in any situation. The results can be seen and heard. Paul performs in sickness and in health, from Florida to Connecticut; doing all booking preparations, promotion, invoicing, gear maintenance, etc.

I believe in the spread of Pauls work for it's own sake, in various ways I have offered much support, and seen increased results.

Paul provides:

• Comfort 

• Hope

• Joy

• Spiritual content

• Is the only person doing what he does, with a good 20 years entertaining still ahead of him 

• Has an approach and style unique to him in today's world

If you are motivated to share in the passion for spreading goodness, please contact me to discuss assisting in maintaining and furthering the reach of Paul’s good work;

Eli Gestetner

845 323 2631


"Im glad I got to see you before I go" “I think you sound like Michael Bublay” “You’re an artist in your own right, you don’t remind me of anybody now but Paul Toshner” “You brought Sinatra back to life” "You are just incredibly creative" “More fantastic than Carnegie Hall” “You wrote most of these songs didn’t you? A very talented man you are!” “Above and beyond” “I like him the best, he’s got humor with his playing, the other ones are strait laced” “We’re not going to let you go.” “I’m a Frank Sinatra tribute act up in the North East, but your tone is just amazing” “You’re a really good frank Sinatra singer, you get his…. timing” “I think I’ve listened to that song a hundred times but that might be the first time I’ve actually heard it" “You love what you’re doing, that love comes out to all of us” “We say to hell with Bingo!” “You did a very good job with a smile, and that’s the way it is” “You were excellent, and I’m old enough to know cause I go back to Billy Eckstine and all them cats” “You sing with your whole body?” “He can play the piano thats for sure” "any song you play we've all experienced something" “Your free. Some people stick to things but your very fluid. You’re a real artist, as if u don’t know it!” “It’s my speed” "You don't know this but nobody leaves when you play, with the other entertainers people tiptoe out, with you they tiptoe in" “You are amongst those that keep the world alive”



“Paul has been playing at our assisted living community for two years now and comes almost monthly to entertain, and entertain he does! He is interactive, exciting and even takes requests. He has been known to learn a song or two for our residents. He puts a fun spin on any song and clearly loves what he's doing. I highly suggest him!”

Courtney Corrosi

Activities director

Brightview Senior living, Maryland 

"Such a great performance! Baby Tosh was energetic, inclusive, and so entertaining! Residents loved the interaction and the over all joy brought to the community. We can't wait to have him back!"

Elinor Lincoln

Activities director

Harmony at Savannah, Georgia

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