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Live from McDonalds Brent Cross London

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Gran Torino by Jamie Cullum and Clint Eastwood.

Live in McDonalds Brent Cross London

Gran Torino by Jamie Cullum and Clint Eastwood

This recording was made live in McDonalds, the burger place, in Brent Cross shopping centre in London, which used to be the biggest in Europe so they decided to do something special with a grand piano.

One Christmas I was playing this song and not altogether concentrating,,when I noticed an older gentleman about three tables away to the left with tears rolling down his face, so as not to make him uncomfortable I pretended not to notice but I realised it perhaps had something to do with the song, so for the rest of the performance I gave it my best. I think as a result it is a special recording.

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