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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"Oh their are times in life

when your life is time

and things drag pretty slowly

And their is life in times

when your time is life

and things move like ravioli"

"Wisdom only brings satisfaction

when it's accompanied with action."

"Don't do it because you should

do it because you would"

"Listen, trust and do"

"it's the courage and the wisdom

to change what I can

it's the courage and the wisdom

to accept what I cant

it's the courage and the wisdom

to know the difference"

"Honesty was walking down the street and it saw kindness walking the other way, it said “hey kindness you’re going the wrong way” kindness never said anything in reply. Honesty wondered, if kindness knew something he did not. So he tried again but this time more cleverly, hoping to elicit some response “kindness id be careful going that way if i were you”. Kindness said back “perhaps your not so honest after all, and i guess im not so kind”. So they got together and tried to figure out the best plan of action.

Eventually they agreed to go their separate ways but promised to check in with each other now and then. Today you can find them in various professions requiring their particular talents. But when circumstance finds them in the same place you can be sure everyone is happy."

“Tragedy is when you still ask yourself “what’s the truth”, 

when you know the truth – but just don't want the truth”

"Never take your crown off"

-Tuli Dubiner

"No pain no chain."

"Self worth comes from giving.

Arrogance from taking."

"A man has to serve his talent, but not at the cost of his principles".

-Mesoud Benasuly & me

“Politics without religion is like passion without principles. 

Religion without politics is like principles without power. 

And vice versa”

“If only our insecurities weren't so profitable”

“Their are easier and more difficult truths in life”

“When you fly with the angels you start to see what it is to have no negative perceptions”

“How can you love me if you do not know what I lack”

- Reb Moshe Lev of Sassov

"At the end of a day of marked success.

As I take out my cufflinks as I get undressed.

I thought of you as I climbed up the stairs.

Acutely aware I was glad you were there.

And even asleep and unaware.

I was happy that I have someone who cares.

The words flow easy.

That's also your doing.

Lets not get carried away though.

I'm afraid of approving

I wonder why that is, what do you think.

What we need is moshiach, not just a shrink."

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