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Gemora thoughts

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

"Gemora: what a conversation to be part of"

"Gemora = edification with toil, which bequeaths ownership"

“The Gemora is music you play it inside of yourself. Unlike music however their are many more notes and scales”

"It doesn’t mean you cant have fun with your talents and in whatever area your pleasure is / what you enjoy - but is does mean you feel good about yourself , which is a precursor to a more real success in all things - including fun. And that is the gift of this thing - of course there’s toil in it, but eventually that toil becomes something that you kind of look forward to because you know how incredibly fulfilling it is."

But the only greatest freedom.

Repentance; תשובה, literally, "return", pronounced "TSHUVA"

Backwards it spells; Multiple embarrassment; הבשת pronounced "HABUSHOT"

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